Thursday, July 21, 2011


Laura and I have been slaving away all week on papers. And I use the word "slaving" very loosely. However, we found it necessary to reward ourselves with some gelato! In reality, we wanted to find anything we could do to avoid working on these papers. 

(I am continuing the procrastination by writing this blog)

That is neither here nor there. This blog entry is about the time warp we experienced while taking our trip to the Gelateria. As we were marching up King's Parade, we heard the faint sound of a piper and accordion. These muses drew us in closer and closer until we finally saw the group of street performers doing some sort of English Folk Dance. They were performing in front of Great St. Mary's, which is University of Cambridge's official church. 

Just thought I'd share another quirk about the town of Cambridge! Back to the paper!


  1. Interesting...And I love Laura's thumbs up. It really validates the experience.